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Valleyview Secondary School

Hockey Canada Skills Academy

Valleyview Secondary School is very proud to be the home of our local Hockey Canada Skills Academy. Our academy provides both male/female hockey players of all levels an opportunity for elite level coaching/training for our student-athletes while continuing with their regular academic course studies at VSS.

The schedule for our student athletes has each of them enrolled in 2 blocks of hockey academy (1 per semester) throughout the school year and receive on-ice instruction an average of 2.5 times per week (60 minutes each). Students are also scheduled into dry-land traning/progrs and classroom instructio following the Hockey Canada curriculum.

Under the leadership of Heach Coach George Cochrane, our academy is very fortunate to have quality coaches. The academy is based out of the Valleyview arena as our practice facility and the new Acceleration Fitness training center as our dry-land training facility. All participating students are enrolled at VSS and pay an annual fee of $900 to pay for all associated costs. We currently have 2 sections of classes: one section of first year Bantam skaters/goalies and one section of second year/midget skaters/goalies.

If you are interested in our HCSA, please contact Greg Gartrell at

See our Hockey Academy Pamphlet



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