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VSS’s Wednesday Tutorial Block

Wednesday Tutorial:

VSS students have the opTutorialportunity to receive specialized tutorial support and/or time to complete assignments in all areas of study at VSS every Wednesday from 2:15 to 2:55pm. Teachers from all subject areas will be available during this block to provide tutorial support.

This year, our Wednesday Tutorials starts on September 27 th and runs every Wednesday until June 20th.

Our goal is for all our students to attain successful results in all subject areas.

Who must attend the Wednesday Tutorial Block?
The Wednesday Tutorial block is available to any students needing additional support and/or needing time to complete assignments/homework.

Teachers can specifically refer students to their Wednesday Tutorial block in order to help students with missing assignments, quizzes/tests or course content. These specific referrals are mandatory.

The tutorials will be available in all of the VSS departments.

If a student is not referred to Wednesday for academic purposes and/or does not require tutorial support, where can they go while waiting for the bus?
We will make the library and gymnasium available for our students if they wish to have a quiet study area or an option of physical activity while they are waiting for their regularly scheduled buses home.

What is the bell schedule for the days the Wednesday Tutorial Block runs?
The Wednesday Tutorial block is 40 minutes long, running from 2:15pm – 2:55pm.  The bell schedule for every Wednesday. The timetable is listed below and located on our school website ( under
Students .

When does the Wednesday Tutorial Block start ?
AI Block runs every Wednesday, starting on Sept 28th, from 2:15pm – 2:55pm.

Why has VSS implemented a Wednesday Tutorial program?
Our ultimate goal with our Tutorial program is to provide support for all of our students that respects the potential that each student can achieve while also maintaining an academic level of excellence on our campus.

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