Effort Mark Rubric

Valleyview Secondary School - Effort Achievement Criteria

All decisions are made at the teacher’s discretion and are based on classroom performance.






- Attendance

- Punctuality

Excellent attendance record

Absences are excused

Rarely, if ever, late

(provides note)

Rarely finds cause to leave class

Some classes missed with no note of explanation

Occasional late, but not discernable pattern exists

Unexcused absences

Misses scheduled tests/due dates

Attendance is unreliable

Frequently late to class

Finds excuses to leave class

Assignments and Homework:

- Submission of work

- Accuracy

- Quality

Work completed and submitted on time

Work reflects students ability

Student strives for quality

Some gaps in assigned work

Doesn’t exert him/herself beyond completion of work

Quality of work is occasionally inconsistent with student ability level

Work sometimes submitted late

Work often submitted late

Work often not submitted

Completed work often shows little care or effort


- Cooperation

- Involvement

- Attitude

- Focus

- Attention

Cooperates with teacher and peers

Contributes positively to the learning environment

Maintains focus and is on-task

Is respectful of others rights

Seeks assistance when necessary

Contributes to the positive learning environment occasionally

Makes limited contribution

Is generally cooperative

Generally meets behavioural expectations

Although needed, infrequently seeks assistance

Occasionally lacks focus in class

Uncooperative with teacher/peer

Detracts from the learning environment

Lacks focus in class

Chooses not to participate

Rarely, if ever, seeks assistance

Displays inappropriate behaviour


- Preparation

- Up to date

- Responsibility

Arrives in class with appropriate materials

Demonstrates good organizational skills

Conscientious in obtaining/submitting missed work

Occasionally needs reminding of missing and late assignments

Sometimes arrives in class unprepared (missing materials, missing homework, etc)

Frequently comes to class unprepared or without the appropriate materials

Lacks organization

Student is not meeting teacher expectations

Makes little effort to keep up with missed work

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