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Exceeding Expectations in 3D Animation!

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Exceeding Expectations in 3D Animation!
by Patty Thomson - Thursday, 8 November 2018, 5:01 PM

Did you know that Valleyview Secondary has an Animation / 3D Graphics course?

Students use Blender software ( to create stories but sharing them has always been a bit of a problem as they have typically been stuck inside of the school computers!

Our innovative solution is to create Horizontal Connections between our students within the class and an audience that exists outside of it. We have been working hard to bring our animations and 3D models to you.

So how do we create these Horizontal Connections? By modifying open source Google Cardboard Oculus (Thanks to the VSS Drafting & Design class) we have created Virtual Reality viewers that allow the audience to view student’s work in their intended environments (as 3D).

The VSS Drafting & Design class is also connecting with Mr. Morris’ Science Class to create Cardboard VR viewers which will allow science students to view downloaded 3D models of everything from molecules to our solar system.

To view examples from our 3D Animation class using a VR viewer, scan the QR Codes below and use your mobile device (either with the SnapChat App or iPhone camera (the QR Code Reader must be turned on in your phone’s settings). If you do not have these readers, you can click the tiny URL into your web browser. Click on the Oculus icon in the bottom right hand corner of the animation timeline to view stereoscopically.

From mobile, desktop or tablet computer without VR headset, just scan the QR code or click the URL links below. Use your finger or mouse to navigate through the animations.

Enjoy the show!  See below for the links.

Kind Regards,

Dean Hilton Paravantes

Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST)

3D Animation / Drafting / Programming / Robotics

Valleyview Secondary School

Kamloops, BC - URL for Mateo Bruno.  15 Minute 10-Block Challenge.  With Permission

Bruno - URL for Damien Dyson.  15 Minute 10 Block Challenge.  With Permission.